RSF Fire Foundation grants $15K for Wildland boots

Press Release September 4th, 2019

The Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District (Fire District) is pleased to announce that they have received a $15,000 grant from the Rancho Santa Fe Fire District Foundation (Fire Foundation) to help purchase new tactical wildland boots for every career and volunteer firefighter within the District.

“We are very grateful for the grant funding,” said Fire Chief Fred Cox. “With fire season now continuing year-round and our firefighters being deployed to wildland fires more frequently and for longer periods of time, the Fire District wanted to provide their personnel new equipment better suited to such conditions.” Unlike the boots previously worn, the new tactical boots are designed specifically for wildland firefighters, providing improved protection, support, and comfort where they need it most.

“When we are out on wildland fires, we work a minimum of 14 hours a day for up to 21 days,” explained Captain Chris Danner, who is responsible for personal protective equipment, or PPE, for the Fire District. “Our feet are the most crucial part of keeping our work strong. When our people take care of their feet and are comfortable, they provide a higher quality of work.”

“The Fire Foundation has been a great partner with the Fire District,” Cox states. To date, the Fire Foundation has provided over $170,000 in funding for the Fire District. Previous projects made possible by the Fire Foundation include a new septic system at Fire Station 6, a drone for training and educational purposes, a detox room for firefighters to use after responding to fires or other exposure incidents, and personal protective equipment.

Frank Twohy, Fire Foundation Board member, added, “The Rancho Santa Fire District Foundation is honored to provide wildland boots to our courageous firefighters protecting not only our immediate communities but, when called upon, communities throughout California.”

Residents who would like to help fund equipment, a special project, or just to support their local Fire District may do so through the Fire Foundation at All contributions are tax deductible.


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